About the Author

Doug Archer

Doug Archer got hooked on writing in grade three. He wrote a story about giant Tarantulas attacking a small town – and his classmates loved it. He’s been writing stories ever since.

Doug started scribbling down notes for the Cold Case Kids Mysteries after one of his sons asked him if there had ever been pirates on the Great Lakes. Three long years later, those notes turned into the first book in the Cold Case Kids Mystery series. Ghoul’s Gold is a story about a haunted lighthouse, a zombie, and a hunt for pirate treasure on Lake Huron’s mysterious Chantry Island.

It didn’t stop there. The success of Ghoul’s Gold, and the positive response from readers to the Cold Case Kids and their zombie friend, Angus, led to two more books in the series: Legend of the Phantom Reaper and Dead Man’s Tale.

And there is more to come – Doug is currently hard at work on book four!

Doug resides in Port Elgin, Ontario, a five-minute drive from Southampton, the setting of the Cold Case Kids Mysteries.

Rob Elliott

Artist Rob Elliott once lived in the town of Kincardine, just down the highway from the Southampton setting of the Cold Case Kids’ adventures. Rob enjoys bringing all of Doug’s creatures and creeps to life, and helping create the spooky world of the Cold Case Kids Mysteries. Rob also designs the books.

He resides and works in an old storefront called Swizzle Studio near some train tracks in Toronto.

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