Dead Man’s Tale is now available!

Promotional poster for the new Cold Case Kids book

A message from author Doug Archer:
My newest book is out!!!

The third installment in the Cold Case Kids mystery series, Dead Man’s Tale plunges the kids into a mystery filled with sinister masks, walking skeletons, and a tale from beyond the grave. A tale filled with cryptic clues that point the way to hidden riches … and something more. Solving this mystery could spell the end for the Cold Case Kids … BUT THE DEAD MAN’S TALE MUST BE TOLD!!

The book is available in local stores in Port Elgin, Southampton, and Kincardine, as well is on or directly through me by emailing Complete list of stores here:

The other Cold Case Kids Mysteries, Ghoul’s Gold and Legend of The Phantom Reaper, are also available.

Hope you’ll pick up a copy for your kids, your grandkids or the kid in you!