Dead Men Tell No Tales!

Dead Man's Tale mask

The Cold Case Kids – Brogan, Brycen and Heather – and their zombie friend Angus, are looking forward to another summer of hanging out at the beach. Feasting on the world’s best french fries. Until they discover a wooden chest tossed up onto the shores of mysterious Chantry Island.  And make the mistake of opening it.

Disturb them not!

Unfathomable horrors emerge, plunging the kids into a mystery filled with sinister masks, haunted houses . . . and a tale from beyond the grave.  A tale riddled with cryptic clues that point the way to hidden riches. 

X marks the spot!

But something evil watches over the riches.  And it will stop at nothing to keep them hidden.  Solving this mystery could spell the end for the Cold Case Kids . . .


Author: robswizzle

Rob Elliott dispenses creativity under the moniker Swizzle Studio.

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